Porin kulttuurisäätö
Emergency Resources for Ukrainian Artists & Cultural Workers
Emergency Resources for Ukrainian Artists & Cultural Workers

We stand with Ukraine.

Porin kulttuurisäätö wants to show our support and encourage and challenge everyone to act in this difficult situation, and in accordance with everyone’s own resources. What can be done?

Never underestimate the power of art. Show solidarity, demonstrate, donate, open your doors, provide shelter. Share information. Several residencies have been opened for Ukrainian artists, Riga Biennial is directing all their resources instead of the forthcoming exhibition, towards offering help and providing support. Estonian Academy of Arts provides free study spots for Ukrainian art students.

>> A list of Emergency resources for Ukrainian artists and cultural workers from the Nordic Curators United HERE

>> Please send updates and information that may be useful to info@artistsatrisk.org

>> Resources for Ukrainian refugees and supporters HERE

>> Donate and support in Finland HERE