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Forest, Examination, Building

Niilo Rinne (Metsä, Koe, Rakennus)

Description of work

Forest, Examination, Building
(Metsä, Koe, Rakennus)

Video work in three acts (Reposaari, 2010)

I remember (or I imagine remembering) quite well what were the thoughts and experiences on which these works are based. What was central was that I had just started studying in an art school after graduating from sociology, and that I was practicing some sort of creative dérive in Reposaari and diving into the experimental ethos emerging.

The course offered a new kind of situation and community, where it was legitimate to approach bodily and without fear some blurred areas and blind spots of theories that were and still are difficult to verbalize.

Now, 10 years after, when contemplating the time that has passed, I see the connectiveness of the works (thus myself) to certain processes that were happening back then and to some phenomenons that has emerged since. For me, these works don’t feel distant neither in time nor space. In retrospection I now understand that in the Reposaari course in 2010 something important happened.


Niilo Rinne
b. 1983 in Turku
Based in Pori since 2010

I studied and worked in the Pori Unit of Aalto University from 2010 to 2014, and did my exchange studies in the Art in Context Master Programme in the Berlin University of Arts in 2011–2012. After the master programmes of Aalto finished in Pori, I became one of the founding members of the Pori Film Festival that was first organized in 2015. From 2016 I’ve worked as a supervisor of written thesis’s in Kankaanpää Art School and since 2018 as a planner in the Cultural Department of the City of Pori. In addition I’ve done cross media installations and participated the actives of the arts & culture field by different means of art, research and planning.