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Memory In Print

Maria Andreou

Description of work

Drawings approximately 70cmx100cm and 40x40cm with a performance remake in mind.

With the potential of rocks as records of both geological and human time in mind, I concentrated on the beach rocks that outline and border Reposaari. I used the weight of my body to press the paper onto the wet rock and make visible all the cuts and cavities before I proceeded to colour them in. In an attempt to create a visual record on one side that resulted in an embossed sensory drawing on the other, the paper work became another, liminal site in which there’s both a record of me and the rock’s surface. My desire was to absorb the landscape and can carry it with me without needing to displace anything to keep a souvenir altered by human memory.


Maria Andreou’s work is a research-oriented practice that is concerned with language its aesthetics and processes of subjectification. Topics such as phonology and writing, symbols and gestures, historiography and data extraction are explored through the tactility of the material and the performative response of the audience.

Andreou has been an artist in residence with foundations and organisations in Cyprus such as ‘’ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation’’, ’’Phytoreio - Cyprus Visual Artists’’, ’’Loukia & Michael Zampelas Art Museum’’, ‘’Mitos, Centre of Performing Arts’’ and ‘’Snehta’’ in Athens Greece. Other shows include ''Phase 1'' at ‘‘DriveDrive’’ (Cyprus), ‘‘Ecstatic Textures’’ at ‘‘Garage’' (Cyprus), ’’Urban Emptiness’’ in NeMe Arts Centre (Cyprus), ‘’Milan Stepanovich’’ in Miroslav Kraljević Gallery (Croatia), and ‘Fans of feminism’ in Cass Gallery (London, UK). She currently works between Cyprus and Finland.
instagram: @paranixida