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Martina Miño Pérez

Description of work

A virtual installation by Martina Miño Pérez

PassiFlora is a virtual garden that invites visitors on a metaphorical journey through the different sensible layers of movement, feeling, and migrating. The cursor is a flower itself, which through its movement activates other flowers around it, revealing their feelings. This garden narrates how desires on movement have come along or stayed behind through countless transcontinental journeys. Many have been unallowed while others have bloomed in fulfilment. PassiFlora invites audiences to an experience of virtual sensing and feeling and investigates how memory’s intimacy can be accessed through the digital. Inside this garden, a variety of flowers are expecting to be smelled, touched and discovered by distant guests.


Martina Miño Pérez (Quito, Ecuador)

Martina is an artist, cook, writer and cultural manager. Her interdisciplinary training allows her to use and combine different research tools and symbolic content between various artistic practices. Martina is interested in building sensorial pieces as conceptual works, which despite of being participatory, do not identify with Relational Art but with what Thomas Hirschhorn denominates Active Art. Her pieces examine aspects such as time, sensation, disintegration, and transfiguration. Martina believes that Contemporary Art continues to rely heavily on our sense of vision, its hierarchy, and its distance. Representation, as Deleuze says, runs the risk of being serial and repetitive, and ignores the subversive power of exploring through the brute force of sensation. Martina’s work investigates the senses that have been categorized as “lower”, such as taste and smell, and places them as counter-hegemonic tools for sharing pieces of knowledge that have been diminished due to their close relationship with the body. Besides her artistic practice, she also works as a curator and producer in Third Space collective and SomosLaColectiva, in Helsinki. Martina has done her M.A. in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary in Aalto University and has published and exhibited her work in Europe, U.S.A, Japan and Latin America.