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Walk Soft and Slow

Mahnaz Kh. Motazedi

Description of work

Art gives birth and fertilizes and this procreation is such that it creates a sense of creativeness in the artist, it is as if he/she is the god of his/her works. This creation can sometimes be reflected in the sparkle of a drawing, sometimes in a movie, in a writing, a line and even a song. It is the fascination of creation that excites the artist in the process of producing a work of art.
Creating is beautiful in itself, but this creation becomes more beautiful and fruitful if it is accompanied by
enthusiasm even if the result is incomplete or not commendable. In fact, the value is that enthusiasm which is
aroused in the process of creating a work moment by moment in the artist. This is how the process of producing or expressing an artwork or idea becomes more absorbent than the work itself or its result. Like other artists, I too have always sought to discover and evoke this passion in the moment of creation.
The same thing happened in Reposaari.
At the time, I was an artist unfamiliar with the environment and even the academic system in which I was, and
everything was new to me, I was like someone who is lost in the boundless desert, I have been observing with
enthusiasm and fascination. I walked and observed the beautiful beach of Reposaari so much that I could digest all this beauty. I was just a sense of presence or beingness, just an observer!
For me, Finland was amazing from the beginning, most of all because of its pristine and unique nature, and secondly because of the way people relate to it. Reposaari was also no exception. I remember spending a long time by the quiet beach of Reposaari. It was getting dark, and I was amazed at all this peace. As far as the eye could see it was the sea and the rock and the silence, silence, only silence. Following this volume of calmness,I have decided to immerse myself in this infinity. A piece of rock called me and the silence was broken. There I became the re-Creator of the sound of coastal rocks, I pulled them out and I became the voice of nature in my artistic hands.

The "Walk Soft and Slow" project was formed from there ever since I decided not to add or reduce anything from that pleasant scene. I attempted to be a stimulus that takes a shape out of the heart of nature in such a way that the work does not disturb the nature of that space. Pulling out the dissonant sound that had a strange contrast with the environment was just derived from my observation of the rocks and the beach and the idea of combining it with my desire to synchrony with space and environment in my own artistic way. I was just a tool there, a tool that turns a rough sound into a form and in this process, except for the silent sound of nature, it does not add any flavor. Just like a child who builds sandcastles on the beach without expecting a constant result. The child begins to create in his/her own way for delight and curiosity and in his/her opinion, he/she creates a work whose permanence does not matter much, but the process of this creation satisfies his/her penchant. Yes, that's how a grating sound coming from a piece of rock recounts this "softness and slowness". A piece of stone that becomes silent again in the hands of nature, waiting for another observer or passersby, who is eager to create.
"Walk Soft and Slow" is a site-specific project created in 2017 on Reposaari Island. The result of this installation is presented as a documentary video, a video in which you will find no other prominent element than sound because only sound remains.

Note, this video may be strident for sensitive people.

Mahnaz Kh. Motazedi

2020, Firenze


Mahnaz Kh. Motazedi is a visual artist based in Firenze, Italy. She received her BFA and MA from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence.

Initially, she was fascinated by the recognition of cultures and traditions of different nations.
In her opinion the fears and the beliefs that are imposed by society on each of us cover our souls with a heavy layer of dust, and self-knowledge is a way to remove it.

Accordingly, by taking an artistic approach, she focused on what commonalities and differences do these cultures have with each other in terms of ethnicity, religion, and spirituality.

Exploring the relation of the transcendence of the soul through nature and the material world, the study of human limiting frameworks such as religion, tradition, and custom and even beyond, the spatial and temporal properties and finally how to express unity in all these opposites, is another aim of her studies.

Her artistic medium has recently changed from painting to performance art and video installations. Experimenting with these new fields, the concept of body, has become one of the major subjects of her explorations and a touchstone by which she can put her ideology into test.

Currently, she concentrates on spiritual corporal expressions through the concept of identity and transition.

Note, this video may be strident for sensitive people.