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Good old Reposaari

Marta Khrshanovskaya

Description of work

What was Reposaari experience for us? How do we remember it? What role did it play in our lives? For everyone being there has a special meaning and a certain sequence of memories and associations. Some of us perceived that experience as a happy moment of new beginnings, for others it was a dread of artistic creation in unknown surroundings.

Our perception of spaces is multilayered and subtle in the moment, it encompasses meanings which will reveal themselves later. We are going through concurrent experience but we do not realize yet into what kind of story it will transform later in our memory. However, experience will echo in our memories and stories about that particular moments of life will be created.

Six participants who answered my questions about Reposaari told their own stories, beautiful and compelling. My story is captured in images that became a background for memories of others.

This is our collective memories of Reposaari, space that united strangers in different times but one dimension.


Born in 1988 in Russia, Saint Petersburg, was not happy there.
Moved to Finland in 2011, studied in Aalto in 2011-2014, life was better.
Participated in projects mostly in Pori, had exhibitions in Petersburg and Helsinki.

Since 2017 permanently lives in Tallinn, working as a photographer and sometimes as a graphic designer and most of the times in IT, life is perfect.