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Tread Lightly

Saara Mahbouba

Description of work

Tread Lightly, 2020
digital collages and figure drawings of artists at work in Reposaari 2017 & 2018

As a part of workshops, residencies, exhibitions, and biennales, artists are often invited to descend upon a place they have never been before, have little knowledge of, and will likely never come back to again. We are asked to form meaningful connections within and with the space in a short time. The task must be taken on carefully and with consideration, the process is delicate. Often we do not succeed.

These collages are a memory of one such time: perched lightly on the surface, trying to find a footing that lifts a trace, but leaves no marks.


Saara Mahbouba is a visual artist and artistic researcher. She received her B.A. in art history from New York University and is working on her M.A. in visual cultures, curating, and contemporary art at Aalto University. Her research interests are primarily in the intersection of identity and labor and making critical theory in this area more accessible and engaging through her practice. She works across a variety of mediums including DIY publications, performative acts, installations, and drawings. She is currently based in Helsinki.